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Around 1,300 runners descended on Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland today for ‘Britain’s most beautiful Marathon and Half Marathon’ (Sunday, October 2).

Cees Van der Land from Allendale took the title of Active Northumberland Kielder Marathon 2016 champion, while Ashington runner David Green won the second annual Kielder Half Marathon.

The weekend is run by Events of the North, a company led by Olympians Steve Cram and Allison Curbishley, in conjunction with Northumbrian Water, Active Northumberland and Northumberland County Council.

Cees Van der Land, who finished the race in 2 hours, 48 minutes and 51 seconds, said: “This race is very special to me as it is my local marathon. I am very happy as I wanted to improve on my time from when I ran the marathon two years ago and came third. The course is easier on the legs as it is on asphalt, but tough as it is very hilly. I love seeing the many very beautiful views over the reservoir, stunning!”

The half marathon attracted around 700 runners.

Winner of the Kielder Half Marathon, with a time of 1 hour, 15 minutes and 10 seconds, David Green, said: “I feel pretty tired but fantastic! I didn’t expect to come first and this has been my best run of the season. The course is tough and unusually I did enjoy running the hills as that is my strength. Kielder is such a very special place and I find running in such stunning surroundings really inspirational.”

Last year’s ladies Half Marathon winner, Debbie Crozier, from Washington, was the first female across the line in the 2016 Kielder Marathon, with a time of 3 hours, 19 minutes and 25 seconds.

She said: “I am so pleased that I have done better than I did last year. I won the half marathon last year and I knew I couldn’t do a faster time in that race so wanted something to strive for. I decided that running a longer distance was the challenge I needed. The conditions have been good today and I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it’s beautiful.”

More than 630 runners made their way around northern Europe’s largest man-made lake, Kielder Water, in the seventh year of the Marathon, which is held every year at Northumbrian Water’s Leaplish Waterside Park.

Both events were the show stoppers to a full weekend of activities which included the Kielder 10K, Kielder Run-Bike-Run, Junior Races and a series of walks.

The Junior Races took place while the Marathon and Half Marathon were underway and saw more than 100 children take part in either the Osprey (1km race for children aged seven to nine) the Roman Mile (1.48km race for children aged ten to 12) or the Centurion (2.5km race for children ages 13 to 15).

Winner of the Kielder Centurion under-16 race was Eira Heggarty, who is 15 and from North Shields. She ran the race with her younger brother: “I am really happy. I did this race last year and enjoyed it. I got into running through joining a running club with a friend. My brother, Osian who is 13, came second. I know I beat him today but I’m sure he’ll be able to beat me soon! It’s special that we have raced together and both done so well.”

The Kielder Marathon weekend attracts runners and outdoor adventure enthusiasts from around the world to the dramatic setting and unique courses.

Race Director Steve Cram said: “The 2016 Kielder Marathon was the culmination of another fantastic weekend of races at the most picturesque sporting event in Britain. We have had some excellent races, with competitors from across the UK and around the world. Each year, the weekend improves and the work starts now on planning a bigger and better event for 2017.”

Heidi Mottram, Chief Executive of Northumbrian Water, said: “We are extremely proud that one of our reservoirs has been used for such a fantastic sporting weekend. I would like to thank all of the partners, individuals and volunteers who have made the weekend possible, and also recognise every single person who took part. All participants should celebrate their achievement and be very proud.”

Councillor Val Tyler, Cabinet member for Arts, Leisure and Culture at Northumberland County Council, said: “This sporting weekend has certainly put Northumberland and our region on the map once again and the atmosphere and feel of the event is testament to how it has been enjoyed by everybody who took part and all those who came to cheer on the competitors. I feel extremely proud that Northumberland County Council has played such an important part in making the event possible and I would like to personally thank all of those involved.”

Kielder Marathon race results 2016

First: Cees Van der Land, from Allendale – 2 hours, 48 mins, 51 secs Second: Andrew Hebden, from Morpeth – 2 hours, 58 mins, 27 secs Third: Matthew Cooke, from Huddersfield – 2 hours, 58 mins, 42 secs

First female: Debbie Crozier, from Washington – 3 hours, 19 mins, 25 secs Second: Janet Dickson, from Fife – 3 hours, 20 mins, 26 secs Third: Vicky Butler, from Newcastle – 3 hours, 24 mins, 15 secs

Kielder Half Marathon race results 2016

First: David Green, from Ashington – 1 hour, 15 mins, 10 secs Second: Karl Tyler, of Amble – 1 hour, 17 mins, 53 secs Third: Mark Snowball, of Ashington – 1 hour, 19 mins, 36 secs

First female: Zena Phillips, of Ascot – 1 hour, 33 mins, 26 secs Second: Mel Ellis, from Berwick – 1 hour, 36 mins, 54 secs Third: Nicola Woodward, of Chester le Street – 1 hour, 37 mins, 21 secs

Kielder Junior Runs race results 2016

The Osprey (1km) – under 10s Boys First: Lewis Littlewood – 5 mins, 26 secs Second: Jayden Gibson – 5 mins, 29 secs Third: Ben Reynolds – 5 mins, 32 secs

Girls First: Emily Beckett – 5 mins, 51 secs Second: Hannah Wilson – 5 mins, 56 secs Third: Philippa Ramsay – 6 mins, 26

The Roman Mile (1.48km) – under 13s Boys First: Gregor Collins – 6 mins, 27 secs Second: Joshua Blevins – 6 mins, 29 secs Third: Callum Rowell – 7 mins, 21 secs

Girls First: Emily Chong – 6 mins, 45 secs Second: Caitlin Johnston – 8 mins, 51 secs Third: Charlotte Graham – 9 mins, 0 secs

The Centurion (2.5km) – under 16s Boys First: Osian Hegarty – 9 mins, 48 secs Second: Thomas Ferguson – 9 mins, 49 secs Third: Rowan James – 10 mins, 9 secs

Girls First: Eira Hegarty – 9 mins, 39 secs Second: Chloe Fairclough – 9 mins, 45 secs Third: Sarah Davenport – 10 mins, 5 secs

Saturday results
Kielder 10K race results First male: David Beach, from Blyth Running Club – 35 mins 02 secs

Second male: Michael Edwards, from Sunderland Harriers– 37 mins 29 secs

Third male: David Fuller, from Crystal Peak Runners – 38 mins 16 secs

First female: Aly Dixon, aged 38, from Sunderland Strollers – 36 mins 22 secs

Second: Jess Fox, from Sunderland Harriers – 40 mins 25 secs

Third: Fiona Belgian, from Jog On The Tyne – 42 mins 25 secs

Kielder Run-Bike-Run race results

First team: Sedgefield Specials, 2 hours, 5 mins, 24 secs Second team: Powered By Gas, 2 hours, 6 mins, 22 secs Third team: Graeme ‘N’ 2 Youngans, 2 hours, 17 mins, 20 secs

First male individual: Chris Smith, from Morpeth Harriers, 1 hour, 58 mins, 49 secs Second male individual: Jon Moss, Team GBR – Age Group, 2 hours, 0 mins, 57 secs Third male individual: Paul Cooper, Monifieth Tri Club M3, 2 hours, 2 hours, 8 minutes, 29 secs

First female individual: Samantha Dainty, from Newcastle, 2 hours, 29 mins, 01 secs Second female individual: Philippa Graham, from Wylam, 2 hours, 30 mins, 28 secs

Third female individual: Sam Crooks, from Newcastle, 2 hours, 33 mins, 51 secs

Marathon winning times 2010 – 2015

2010 first male was Zak Kihara from Kenya with the record time of 02:29:06 2010 first female was Lizzy Hawker 02:58:22

2011 first male was Ricky Lightfoot 02:35:16 2011 first female was Jane Mooney (now Hodgson) 03:06:45

2012 first male was Ceri Rees 02:39:26 2012 first female was Angela Mudge 02:59:28

2013 first male was Ceri Rees 02:43:55 2013 first female was Victoria Nealon 03:22:41

2014 first male was Ceri Rees 02:39:43 2014 first female was Myra Jones 03:17:58

2015 first male was Matthew Jones 02:43:02 2015 first female was Gemma Bradley 03:21:53

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