Smile for the camera!

EOTN ambassador Katie is ready and raring to go for Kielder Marathon weekend. Here are her top tips for a great Kielder run!

  1. Smile for the camera. There are lots of camera’s dotted all over Kielder half marathon, make sure you’re smiling, even if you’re running up hill.
  2. Take time to take in the beautiful scenery. Mile 6/10 is usually a good place to take a little 5 minute break, have a look at just how beautiful Kielder is.  
  3. Save a little bit of energy for Bull Crag at mile 8, you’ll know once you’re there, trust me.
  4. Don’t start your sprint finish too early, the finish is slightly up hill so you don’t want to peak to soon.
  5. Make sure you have a little bit of spare change for the WI tent at the end. I can’t stress enough just how incredible the cakes are.

Good luck!

Katie x


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