Pre Race Blog from our Ambassador Tasha

Kielder, we’ve got unfinished business.

I won’t dwell too much on the last 12 to 18 months, lockdown led me to training too hard, picking up injuries, getting into cycling (which I’m still doing now alongside running) remembering the importance of strength work – and rolling and stretching! It also meant that Kielder Half Marathon didn’t take place, but this year we’re full steam ahead.

In fact, it’s not far away at all. Less than 4 weeks to go now.

So what have I been doing to prepare? Well I rehabbed the injuries to start with and that involved a fair bit of cycling (as I mentioned earlier) including my introduction to riding a road bike…and a gravel bike. After many years of riding a mountain bike it took some adjusting to! Aside from cycling I’ve reintroduced yoga more frequently and built up my training with different sessions. Hill training is obviously key for Kielder and I’ve tried to add in more frequent hill efforts, whether that’s out with the running club, deciding to run up Penshaw monument, or picking a more hilly parkrun – Whinlatter Forest parkrun was a good test recently! Oh and hiking Ben Nevis earlier this summer too – wasn’t even going to attempt running up there, but even hiking the highest peak in Britain (and bagging my first Munro) felt like a great achievement. I’ve even been up to Kielder over the summer, but on two wheels with the gravel bike coming along.

Don’t get me wrong, first and foremost I’m a runner so it really was great to get parkrun back and races returning earlier this summer. Pinning on my race number for the Sunderland 10K in June and getting that start line buzz was something I’d really missed. Now I’ve got a couple of races ahead of Kielder, but I’m really looking forward to 3rd October and taking on a more scenic, trail race. Taking in the scenic views will round off my birthday week quite nicely!

So, trail shoes at the ready… I’ll see you on the start line!


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