Pre Race Blog from Ambassador Richard

Britain’s Most Beautiful ½ here we come… I hope!

I have been so excited about the Kielder ½ marathon. I’ve run consistently through lockdown and love this event so much. A PB on the cards? Unfortunately, probably not…

Two-and-a-half weeks ago, just 36 hours before the 40th Great North Run (my designated ‘warm up event’), I popped out with my wife and our young Fox Red Labrador, Otis, for a quick walk. 60 seconds later I was on the floor having ruptured ligaments in my left ankle. I will save you the gory details suffice to say it was a bizarre incident involving another dog (not Otis you’ll be pleased to hear) who ploughed into my left shin at speed – imagine the programme Total Wipe-Out without the water and you’ll have a decent picture!

I missed the GNR and have not been able to run for a couple of weeks. However, I am making progress and feel like recovery is in the air. I can now walk without limping (it was all a bit ‘Usual Suspects’ for a time) although it still hurts. I have a physio appointment lined up for next week and am doing all sorts of exercises to get myself as ½ fit as I possibly can.

My Kielder pack with race number arrived today.

I am sitting here imagining being on the start line. I don’t think a PB is likely but I am confident I will be able to complete the event and, as usual I will enjoy being part of Britain’s Most Beautiful.

Enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the views and most importantly enjoy the run. See you there!

(This picture was following the first Kielder Marathon weekend (I think). My son came out of the leisure centre a few years back with the flyer saying “did you know about this?”. I didn’t – took me a while to realise it was me – I’m in the blue top. This picture now has pride of place in our downstairs bathroom. Kielder will always be the one for me).


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