“Let the tide go out and you bring it in”

“Running the Kielder half isn’t just beautiful..it’s also challenging.

If you’re running this event for the first time, I’ve got a couple of tips that will help ease you in and prepare you for 13.1 glorious miles!

Get there early doors.

There are buses and parking, but they do get full fairly quickly. Get there with time to spare! The last thing you want is to stress out as you scramble for a parking space or find a bus to get to the start line. Look at the information leaflet that came with your number!

Speed ISN’T everything

It can be very easy to get too caught up with the run when the start gun/horn has set off and you throw any race plan out the window, running harder than normal – DON’T! I like to say “let the tide go out and you bring it in.” The course isn’t one for personal bests, this is the kind of event where you can sit back and enjoy your surroundings.

There are hills, sorry-not-sorry!

As gorgeous as route is from start-to-finish, there are hills. There are no special prizes for climbing them the quickest, so take your time when you run up them, you’ll be fine!


Photographers will be dotted around the course, so use this opportunity to get your smile on OR pull your most serious running face! What’s the best thing about these photos? They are absolutely FREE, yes, FREE! So, when they are ready (normally around 3 days post-event), it means you can download them all and post them as and when you please!


I mean, is there anything better than cake after a run? There will be marquees around the finish line that will have a number of post-run activities, including massages but, without a shadow of a doubt, the cake stand is where I’ll be spending most of my time. It’s a reward for getting round in one piece!”

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