Kielder Marathon Ambassador – Alison Robinson

Hello, I’m Ali, Ive lived in Gloucestershire since 2015 but previously lived in the north east (for twenty years), but grew up in North Wales.

I’ve been an avid runner for years (since late 90’s). I find running freeing for body and soul.

So, I applied to be an ambassador for Events of the North, Keilder marathon because this run and this distance is my favourite.

2020 is proving to be a year of many challenges. 

I’m busy doing back to back runs in preparation for ten marathons in ten days in May. This is part of a fund raiser for the Brathay Trust, and will involve running the Windermere marathon ten times. 

In the build up to that challenge I have lots of marathons to run, including the Great Welsh marathon and Brighton marathon.

June will see my first off roader fifty miler in the Pennines.

Then I have many other beautiful marathons including Snowdon trail marathon in July, and the quadrathon in County Donegal in August (four marathons in four days.

I then gear myself up for October and the fabulous experience that Keilder marathon offers. I don the ambassador’s shirt and run this beautiful marathon. I’m aiming to make this my 💯 marathon too (if everything goes to plan) and will keep you posted.

Training over the next few weeks includes a fifteen mile off roader in the Cotwolds, three other marathons (loop ones), as well as other training including weights and pole fitness (for strength training), combat (for balance), and other cardio workouts including spinning.

Tired but excited for the coming weeks. 😄

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