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Kielder is the highlight of the year!


Suzanne Sharp from Corbridge will be joined by a very special team at Kielder this year -although she admits she drew “the short straw” by taking the Run Bike Run challenge- as her whole family will be taking part.

Suzanne, 51, who is Practice Manager of Equine Veterinary Clinic in the Tyne Valley, returns to Kielder after completing the Half Marathon in 2015 with her daughter as well as the Steve Cram training camp which she admits “… which was hard core training that made my eyes pop out!”

Suzanne’s journey to fitness began in 2011 following a horse riding accident that led to a spinal fracture. Amazingly Suzanne went from rehab to full fitness, completing the Great North Run just 8 months after the accident. Suzanne comments:

“My daughter’s boyfriend Jamie was a keen runner and we went along to support him a month later when he and 3 of his friends ran the Kielder Marathon dressed as the ‘Cool Runners’ of the infamous Jamaican bobsleigh team.  The whole family cheered ourselves hoarse all day and the experience of supporting Kielder became a family tradition. Since then we have been along to support each year and Kielder has become our home event. We regularly visit Kielder on our big Ducati motorbike!”

Suzanne ran the half marathon with her daughter last year (pictured) and soon after the whole family decided to get involved. This year Suzanne’s family has an entry in each event. Suzanne tells us:

“We decided on Jamie undertaking the marathon (he’s got the legs for it), my youngster daughter Hayley is doing her very first half and my eldest daughter; Naomi is taking part in the 10k. My granddaughter Charlotte is to run the Junior race. I drew the short straw and got the Run Bike Run! Another first is  my partner Alex who has never taken part in any running race and he is going to join Naomi in the 10k.  So we have a family member in each event… I’m very proud of my family who have all had personal challenges to overcome. “

Suzanne’s family have rented a lodge at Falstone and will be spending the whole weekend supporting the event, and each other! Suzanne told us simply: “Kielder marks the end of the season for me and is the highlight of my year. I can’t wait to see them all in action!”

All at Events of the North wish Suzanne and all her family a fantastic weekend at Kielder and hope to see you all repeating your challenges again in the future.



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