“Kielder is just around the corner!”

“This time of year is my favourite for running, it is starting to cool off and we are holding on to the light nights by our finger tips. And of course, Kielder is just around the corner.

This is my 4th Kielder half marathon, the real reason I return year after year is for the views. The run is so peaceful, once you’ve ran the first 5k you hit my favourite part of the half marathon, out running through the beautiful trails.

Despite having a slight problem with my left hip (probably connected to the bad back I had at the start of the summer) I am feeling the fittest I have ever been (when the pain subsides).

I casually got a Durham parkrun PB on Saturday without even trying, I was just chatting to my friends, who are doing the Kielder Marathon, Good luck boys! Taking the pressure off chasing a PB is the best way to get one in my opinion.

Along with the odd long run I am trying to add in a few hills during my training runs to prepare for the ‘zig zag’ hill, any past Kielder runners will know the one! I’ve also been hitting the gym twice a week for a bit of strength work, in the hope that this is helping my hip.

Overall, I am so excited for the Kielder weekend, I’ll be cheering the 10k runners on Saturday, so if you see me come and say hello.

Good luck with your training, see you on the start line!



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