Kielder Half Marathon Ambassador – Tasha Steel

Hi, I’m Tasha. I’m delighted to be an Events of the North Ambassador for Kielder Half Marathon. I ran a few years ago, taking on the Sunderland 10K in 2015 faced with unexpectedly wet weather for May! It’s only since last year that I really started running more and definitely got the bug.

It was the Great North Run that kickstarted the running routine again for me, to a whole new level. My first half marathon, something I had always wanted to do but did I think I could do it? Of course not! The furthest I’d ran was 10K and a half marathon is 21K… Yikes.

But, I took that successful ballot place to mean something – it was time for me to do it and I wanted to give it my best shot. I started training from March last year; I asked for advice from runners and I joined parkrun. Little did I know that a weekly 5K would be so important to my routine or just how important running would be to me. Running gives me the chance to destress and get outdoors balancing a busy full time job and running a lifestyle blog, Hello Freckles, alongside work!

This weekend marked my 1 year parkrun anniversary and I’m steadily approaching the 50 milestone. I used to spend Saturday mornings sleeping in; not anymore. This year I want to give back to the incredible parkrun community so you may spot me in high viz as a volunteer.

So here I am, 7 months away from Kielder Half Marathon with a diary packed with races in the lead up including the Sunderland City 10K and Durham 10K – both of which I ran last year and really enjoyed, I’m taking them on alongside some friends and boyfriend – nothing wrong with some competition and the Great North Run thrown in again for good measure due to success in the ballot again!

I love being outdoors and I’m excited for how scenic Kielder will be and how different it’s going to feel to the Great North Run (and to Manchester half which I took on just 5 weeks later – running bug indeed!) Yes there’ll be hills but I do quite like a hill though. That’s a story for next time…

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