Kielder 10K Ambassador – Rebecca Tindle

Hello! I’m Rebecca and I live in Whitley Bay. I first started running in 2015, on my own, using a C25K app. I also followed the Facebook page of a ladies only running group for a while before finally finding some courage and joining them for a run in January 2016. A few months later I ran my first 10k followed my first half marathon in 2017.

Running everyday isn’t for me. I tried this in January 2018 and 2019 for RED January and ended up with the flu both times, so this year I got the flu jab and was active every day without pushing mself too hard. I enjoy running a few times each week, including a Parkrun, and doing cardio and weights in the gym alongwith the occasional swim, bike ride and yoga session. I’m just a normal mum juggling work and a busy family life!

Setting myself goals and challenges keeps me motivated. One is to run 600 miles in 2020 and another is to run at 13 different local parkruns and volunteer at least 3 times. This particular challenge is with the Monkey Runners, who are affiliated with North Shields Poly, who I started running with in May 2019. However my biggest challenge of 2020 is the Yorkshire Marathon on 18th October – this will be my first (and probably last) marathon. My oldest son said I’d never run a marathon so I’m going to prove him wrong!

This month I’ve got the Northumberland Half Marathon, the only other half marathon I’ve ran is the Great North Run for the last 3 years so I wanted to try another half and see if I can acheive a better time. I’m also going to pace at Whitley Bay Parkrun for the first time and try a Hotpod Yoga session for runners – I’ll let you know how I get on next month!

I’m really excited about being an ambassador for the Kielder 10K. I ran the Kielder 10k last year, having signed up just a few weeks earlier , whilst out celerating the GNR with my running friends. I’ve lived in the north east for 14 years but I’d never visited Kielder before – it’s such a beautiful part of the country I can’t wait to go back. The Kielder 10K will now form part of my marathon training!

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