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It’s beautiful, challenging… and we wanted a complete set of t shirts!

Having already completed the Kielder 10k, Half Marathon, and Marathon, Ben Heathcote will return to Kielder this year to compete in the Run Bike Run event with his wife Rachel and colleague Owain. Together the trio make up “Team Core Music”.

Opened in 2008, Core Music is a music shop and community music facility located in Hexham, Northumberland.

Core Music is a key access point to community music in Northumberland. Their aim is to benefit the community by providing access to music for anyone, no matter their circumstances, age or ability.
Ben told us:
We believe that music should be for everyone, and we’re working really hard to make that a reality. We organise events such as concerts and seminars, provide a workspace for local tutors and run workshops on a variety of topics. Many clubs, groups and bands also make use of our spacious premises as a venue for rehearsal and meeting space.
Core Music is a social enterprise and a not for profit organisation, which means that any money made goes back into the company to continue to benefit the local community by employing local people, offering volunteering opportunities and much more. One of their main projects has been “Ucorelele Project”, which began in 2014 as a programme for long-term unemployed people to enable them to learn the skills of instrument repair, renovation, design and manufacture. Team Core Music member and final-leg runner in Run Bike Run Rachel (30) had a key role in bringing the project to life.
Both keen endurance athletes, Ben and Owain Bennett (37) eventually decided “after much banter on Strava” that they should use their powers for good, and “Team Core Music” was born, with the idea of seeking sponsorship for events, with all donations going to Core Music to aid, amongst other things, the Ucorelele Project. Ben’s long-suffering wife Rachel, who has spent many a cold morning at the finish line of a race, was recruited as the third member of the team. Having given birth to their first son, Xander, in 2015, the final leg of the Kielder Run-Bike-Run (around 5k) is her goal event.
Ben comments:
“We chose Kielder because it’s a beautiful and challenging course, and the event has always been well organised and great fun… and I wanted a complete set of tshirts!”
For more information visit http://www.coremusic.co.uk/ or follow on Twitter @coremusichexham
Best of luck to the Team from all at Kielder Marathon.


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