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“If you do it right, it should take over your life, but in a good way”

Kielder Marathon runner

Is 2019 the year you plan to step up to marathon distance for the very first time? Could Kielder Marathon be the place to make your debut?

There’s a reason we call it Britain’s Most Beautiful. At every turn there is a gorgeous view ahead of you. From rolling hills, constant undulations, a stunning panoramic view, forest floors that feel like carpet under your feet, to the challenging climbs and turns that meet you on your journey around the gigantic man-made lake. Kielder is a marathon that really has it all.

The basics

It’s often recommended that new marathon runners have a few years of experience behind them, maybe a handful of half marathons and the discipline of regular running and training.

You’d be the type of runner that already has a routine to fight off injuries. You may cross-train in the gym, ride a bike or keep your cardio fitness up in other ways, as well as regular strength work, stretching or pilates classes.

A marathon can be a big commitment of your time. To get the most from a marathon you need to have the time to run regularly and you need to make sure it’s with the understanding of your family. Can you establish a regular routine of running before or after work, or meeting a friend on a weekend for your longer runs?

Runner and coach Anji comments ” If you do it right, it should take over your life, but in a good way!”

The crunch

When it comes down to it, it’s your training that makes a marathon. Plan the weeks and months ahead, and enter and book your race as you will be more likely to stick to it.

Runner Darryl Warden comments:

“My first ever full marathon was the 2014 Kielder. It was a “to-do” bucket list item and 40th birthday present. Crossing the finish line and the warm afterglow of a massive sense of achievement has stayed with me forever”

Running a marathon can be a life-changing experience. Going out of your comfort zone is a brilliant experience for every runner. If you never try, you’ll never know!

Not quite ready for the marathon? Come and experience Kielder over the Half Marathon, 10K or Run Bike Run instead. All events are now open for entry.


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