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Well then, it seems like a lot has happened since my last blog post.

I’m now working from home full time and like many others, trying to stay positive, stay safe and work out a new routine.

Whilst the government guidance during this time permits us to get outside, I’m making use of this and going out and running like I would usually. Of course I’m following the guidelines closely, maintaining a safe distance from others, running solo and running locally.

I do miss running around some of the lovely parks in the North East (don’t get me started on the gap that I have missing from my weekly routine with parkrun) I miss running with others, I miss running with the club as I’d just started to really get into the routine of training nights and efforts round the track. I’m grateful that I was able to take part in my first cross country race with the club right before restrictions were put in place and I’m looking forward to the next season.

With so much uncertainty I’m holding on to that one positive that I can run. I’m grateful this is the case and each time I get my trainers on and out the door, I remind myself.

So what else have I been doing? Well I don’t run every day. I didn’t do that before things changed and I don’t want to overtrain now as that could easily happen if I took to my one form of exercise outdoors being a run. I’ve been adding in home workouts, trying to build up strength and I’ve taken to PE with Joe to kickstart my mornings. Yes, a twenty something is now getting into the routine of 9am PE with Joe Wicks. It’s actually a pretty good workout and definitely proved to me that there’s muscle groups I’ve not worked in a while.

Most of my races I had planned are now rescheduled or cancelled so what I had in mind for this year – to be the biggest in running terms for me – has now changed. And that’s okay. I’ve come to terms with that. The silver lining, the rescheduled Sunderland City Runs now fall on my birthday weekend, so a birthday 10K is in order. I’m quite excited for that. Then the following week I get to take on the Kielder Half Marathon. I’m excited! 

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep running if you can!


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