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Hello again,

What a strange turn of events since my first blog post as an Ambassador for the Kielder ½ Marathon 2020 just a month ago. I am writing this at the end of the UK’s 2nd week  of ‘lock-down’. Coronavirus occupies 95% of the news and normal life as we know it has gone on hold.

It is times like this that I am so glad I enjoy running. I also feel lucky to live in beautiful Northumberland where we have space to move around more freely than if we were living in a major city – London for example.

At work, and probably like you, we had to rapidly transition all our staff to work remotely. Mental health is always important but never more so than right now. And exercise is a key component to ensuring a health mind.

As a society, the Coronavirus lock-down has forced us to make lots of changes to how we live. It is helping me to train more. I’ve increased my running significantly over the last couple of weeks (currently at 5 days per week). Working at home all day is okay (I’ve even managed to join Freddie, my youngest, for Joe Wicks’ work-out some mornings – recommended!) but I am finding I need to get out in the late afternoon/evening to balance myself out.

I’ve read before that more runs per week significantly helps increase speed. It appears to be true! I am feeling stronger, faster and fitter.

What I realise is there’s no reason why I can’t run as often as I am now when things go back to normal (fingers crossed). It’s about building the right soft of habit, being organised by having your running kit and trainers handy and just doing it! Of course, having an event to train for is also a help. A few have been cancelled; here’s hoping the beautiful Kielder ½ is able to take place.

Stay safe.


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